image descriptionJune-July Workshops

The Sci-Meta Project Radiant as One Singapore Tour

June 22-28, 2013

The tour will offer workshops and private sessions.

For Australia June-July 2013 RADIANT TOUR, click here.

Connecting with Crystals:  Understanding our link with crystals & their power in healing (Workshop)
June 22, 2013 10 AM- 12 Noon
Investment: SGD 55

Do crystals enhance the effect of meditation and healing, and if so why? What are their amplification properties? How do crystals get charged, in nature and through our bodies? What is the science behind the crystals that they are used all over the world for regulating frequencies? Most importantly, what is our relationship to the crystals, especially now in this period of our transformation, we are creating more crystalline properties in our bodies?

In this workshop, we will look at the science and metaphysical aspects of crystals and connecting with crystals. We will also use a Tesla-inspired device to draw Radiant Energy (nature energy derived from the atmosphere, which is sometimes called ‘prana’) into the crystals to experience its amplification properties. We utilize this energy transference and move into a powerful group meditation at the end of the workshop.

For reservations, write to or call (65) 94237094. Location is in East Coast and will be given post registration.

Akashic Emotional Clearing Workshop and Meditation
June 23, 2013
3.00 PM- 5.30 PM
Investment: SGD 55

Please note that along with the workshop, Ahana has been guided to offer a brief integration meditation for working through June energies!

Akashic Emotional Clearing helps you remove deep-rooted patterns in your life, moving you out of a stuck state. Many of our day-to-day challenges are rooted in our thought programs, which could be a result of our social conditioning or deep rooted patterns that we have brought into this life from past lives. Our challenges can be seen as an opportunity if we can face them and clear them from our mind, body and spirit.

Akashic Emotional Clearing is a way to clear out these deep patterns. Even though some of these deep-rooted blocks require facilitation, in this workshop, we will explore a visualization through which we can help ourselves go through self-healing by gradually removing blocks from our mind and body. This workshop offers tools for self-healing and a simple process of staying in higher vibration to facilitate one’s own clearing process.

Some of the topics we will explore are:

• How do we form thought patterns that create blocks in our life? • How does a person bring past life issues or challenges in to their current life – what is the use of it? • Why do we retain certain memories of our past life and what do they do for our soul  journey? • How can we clear deep- rooted blocks? What is the process of letting go of negative patterns? • Practice a visualization to start the self-healing, self-clearing process • Find out what the deeper need of the soul – what is your soul purpose?

For reservations, email or call (65) 94237094. Location is in East Coast and will be given post registration.

Brain/Body Coherence Workshop: Getting You into Alignment

June 25, 2013
7.00 PM- 9.30 PM
Investment: SGD 66

 What is a dis-ease? Everything we experience, see, feel, touch and smell are vibrations, or frequencies. When our body is not in the right flow of energies and the correct resonance of frequencies, our brain, body and energies are not in sync. We create imbalance which results in stress and strain of our body systems, causing a lack of ease, or a disease.

In this workshop, we bridge science and metaphysics to show how our body and brain works, the synergy between the two that helps to keep us healthy and strong mentally, emotionally and physically. We explore brain wave states, review research on the brain wave states of long term meditators/ peak performers to understand how to manage our productivity, creativity and resilience. We end with a powerful theta state visualization, utilizing a full-brain approach towards problem solving and planning.

For reservations, write to or call (65) 94237094. Location is in East Coast and will be given post registration.

freedom 4Assess Your Life ~ Life Coaching Series

Preview: 23 June, Sunday 1.30-2.30 PM (free)

Each session is 1 hour
Investment: SGD 120/session or SGD 700 for full series (SGD 100 each)

In the ‘Assess Your Life’ sessions, we tackle issues related to career, relationships and personal fulfilment. In the sessions, you will be able to explore and achieve the following:

 • Stress relief and moving away from anxiety

• Freedom from fear

• Removing mental and emotional blocks

• Access brain wave states that allow you to move into stillness and peaceful presence

• Explore increased processing power by exercises that help you access your whole brain

• Experience increased creativity and the power of visualization

• Rewire your brain, change your reality!

 The program is divided into 7 sessions:

 1. Thought Experiments to Understand Thought Patterns & Blocks – This session helps in assessing what the major blocks are and why

2. Awareness and Silencing the Mind – The session provides tools and practice to move into a deep meditative state to review the client’s process of thinking

3. Understanding Heart-Brain Coherence – The session provides tools to start synchronizing the heart and brain, and working with the client’s energy flow

4. Moving through Fear – When the heart and brain are in a relaxed state, we start working through major fears, anxieties and blocks with the client

5. Removing Deeper Mental Patterns of Attachment – We look at deep rooted blocks and work with them in deep-state visualization. This involves repetitive or genetic patterns we have brought into this life.

6. Visualization in Theta Brain Wave State, Looking at Life Goals – We assess our life goals, passion and purpose in this session

7. Exploring the Creation Process – We understand the creation and manifestation process and create a plan to move forward to achieve freedom and fulfilment!!

 For bookings, write to or call (65) 94237094.

I was guided by Ahana over a period of five months, and I realized I have now more confidence and clarity in my vision; the uneasiness was replaced by a sense of inner joy, wonder and relaxation… now I’ve the tools to understand life and myself better ~ May Ng, Marketing Consultant, Singapore


 Each session is available for 30 mins or 1 hour slots
Investment: SGD 120/session for 1 hour, SGD 80 for 30 minute slots

Channelling with Ahana – Get a perspective on life, relationship & career questions that are holding you back. The focus is on finding the path out of these challenges and looking for possibilities of solutions. Available for 30 minute and 1 hour slots

Soul Reading Sessions with Ahana – Is there a repetitive challenge in your life? Are there relationships that trigger you more than ever? Are there deep issues that you feel come from a past life? Is there a desire to know your life purpose? Is there a desire to connect with your soul and higher guidance? Do you need help to understand some of the messages and guidance coming to you? A soul or Akashic readings allows you to access all levels of your consciousness and find these answers! Available for 1 hour slots only

Akashic Emotional Clearing One-on-One Session with Ahana – Focus on removing deep rooted issues by zeroing on the root cause of the negative patterns, rising from childhood trauma or past life issues. This session uses meditative state to facilitate emotional clearing. Available for 1 hour slots only

Radiant Energy Healing Session with Daniel & Ahana – Working through the physical, mental and energetic blocks all at the same time, this is a powerful healing and clearing session! We use the Radiant energy device, crystals & reprocessing tool through meditation to work at all levels of mind, body, energy. Available for 1 hour slots only

Crystal Charging with Daniel – Bring your crystals down to charge them with Radiant energy, or ‘chi’ or ‘prana’ through the device created by Daniel and tested with clients from Asia and Australia. The charged or programmed crystals can be used for self-healing or for healing sessions, if you are a practitioner. An explanation of the interaction of the energy with the crystals will be given. Available for 30 min slots only

To book a session, email or call (65) 94237094. Location will be given post registration.


Having never had a reading before, I was unsure what to expect. I can whole heartily say not only was it completely accurate, but has filled me with excitement and hope for the future.

~ Nicky Hicks, Australia (on Soul Reading with Ahana)

A truly mind opening day for all of us  as we welcome Ahana Lara and Daniel Nilon to share with us the merger of Science and Metaphysics in something that you can feel and touch so you cannot deny what you are experiencing and seeing as you light a spark with a device Daniel has created to charge crystals. I had the opportunity to charge all of my crystals and experimented setting different intentions before charging them and had a chance to look at different colours and sparks that were present. Simply amazing! Can’t wait to welcome them back again.

~ Jaime Shun, Owner HeartWorks, Malaysia.

 daniel 3FacilitatorsIMG_1121

Daniel and Ahana’s work bridges the gap between science and spirituality, in order to bring metaphysical concepts through practical and easily accessible tools and techniques in our lives.

Daniel is originally a scientist who is inspired with Nikola Tesla’s work and his quest is to research and teach about energy coming from the Zero Point Field. He creates devices that are proof of concept so that people can understand the science behind how energy flows and creates our reality. Ahana looks at energy from a metaphysical perspective and through her own training in meditation and working with frequencies; she is able to provide simple and effective tools to balance energies in our body and in our lives. She is also an author and a spiritual and life coach.

Together, they have created The Sci-Meta Project at In Singapore, they are conducting workshops and private sessions to connect with you and work with you towards understanding the universal principles of nature and the truth of how we create our reality!


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